Monday, August 22, 2011

Trivia and Facts-Part 2

1-When Paulo Roberto Falcao was named Brazil manager following the 1990 World Cup, he was initially forbidden by the Brazilian Federation to select any foreign-based player. The foreign-based players were seen as the scapegoats for the World Cup debacle.

Photo : from Mondial, July 1982
Falcao and Blokhin (June 14, 1982 World Cup, Brazil 2-USSR 1)

2-French Captain Michel Platini signed a pre-contract with Italian Serie A club Internazionale FC Milano in 1980, when borders were still closed for foreign player transfers.
However, Inter chose not to exercise that option when the borders re-opened and Platini joined Juventus two years later.

Photo : from Onze-Mondial, June 1980
(Platini and Oleg Romantsev shaking hands prior to kickoff (May 23, 1980 Friendly USSR 1-France 0)

3-PSV Eindhoven players Ronald Koeman, Hans Van Breukelen, Berry Van Aerle, Gerald Vanenburg and Wim Kieft won every tournament they participated in during the 1987/88 season.
With their club they won the Dutch League title, the Dutch Cup as well as the Champions Cup.
With the Dutch National Team, they won the UEFA Euro Championships.

Photo from: Onze, July 1988
(June 25, 1988, EC Final Holland 2-USSR 0)
Standing left to right: Marco Van basten, Ronald Koeman (PSV), Frank Rijkaard, Erwin Koeman, Ruud Gullit, Hans Van Breukelen (PSV)
Seating Left to right: Adri Van Tiggelen, Arnold Mukhren, Berry Van Aerle (PSV), Jan Wouters, Gerald Vanneburg (PSV)

4-Italian striker Alessandro Altobelli missed 3 penalty kicks with the national team in 1986.
He missed once during the World Cup vs. South Korea and then missed twice vs. Malta in December of that year. Incidentally, he scored from open play in both matches.

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2149, June 16, 1987
Alessandro Altobelli and Veloso (February 14, 1987, EC Qualifier, Portugal 0-Italy 1)

5-During the 1974 World Cup Final, between West Germany and Holland, German striker Gerd Muller scored a goal in the second half that was ruled offside. However, later Television replays showed that the goal was in fact valid.

Photo : from Onze-Mondial, February 1977
Gerd Muller and wim Rijsbergen (july 7, 1974 , World Cup Final, West Germany 2-Holland 1)


  1. That Dutch 1988 European Championship kit is one of the most remembered and memorable uniforms in the history of football.

    1. yes the same adidas design was also used by germany in 1990 WC for their green kit, USA also used it during 88 olympics

    2. holland used this kit only during the tournament, never before nor after


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