Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trivia and Facts-Part 48

1-In 2002, Chievo Verona’s Brazilian winger Eriberto was exposed to have been using a fake passport.
He had been using the identity of his neighbor Eriberto Conceição da Silva’, born in Rio de Janeiro on January 21, 1979.
He had assumed this identity to join the Palmeiras youth squad, as he was too old.
His real name was ‘Luciano Siqueira de Oliveira’ (born on December 3, 1975). He had revealed this deception to give his son his true name.
He was handed a six-month ban and received a $145,000 fine.

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 28, March 2000
(Eriberto / Luciano at Bologna 1998/2000)

Photo From: Calcio 2000, Issue 37, January 2001
(Eriberto / Luciano at Chievo 2000/01)

2- Scottish club Dunfermline Athletic were on tour in Spain in June of 1972.  For one of their matches, the organizers asked them if they would be willing to represent themselves as “Chartlton Athletic” (as Charlton were supposed to be the original opponents and the organizers had billed as such.)
Dunfermline immediately left and alerted their Federation.

3-  In the summer of 1993, Chelsea goalkeeper Dave Beasant injured himself by dropping a jar of salad cream, on his right toe.
He said he tried to stop it with his foot as an instinctive reaction.
A three inch pin was inserted in his toe and he was in plaster for a month.

Photo From: Panini, 1992/93
(David Beasant)

Photo From: Soccer Stars, Issue 13, September 1993
(A cartoon of David Beasant dropping the jar on his toe)

4- Following Ajax’s win over Juventus in the 1973 Champion Cup Final (May 30, 1973, Ajax 1-Juevntus 0), Barry Hulshoff was the only Ajax player not to exchange his jersey with a Juventus player.
He was to auction his jersey for a charity in Zwolle for a Vietnamese Village named Thanh Hoa.

Photo From: 1972-73 Vanderhout
(Barry Hulshoff)

Photo From: Foot Magazine, Issue 109, November 1990
(Barry Hulshoff)

5-In 1977, during his spell at Grasshoppers, Zurich West German star Gunter Netzer was attacked and bitten on his arm by a dog on the club’s training ground. He required twelve stitches for the wounds.

Photo From: AS Color, August 23, 1977
(West German midfielder Gunter Netzer at Grasshoppers Zurich)


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  2. Like Netzer, iconic Juventus 80s stopper Sergio Brio was bitten on his leg by a police dog (!), at the end of Serie A match on March 6, 1983 between AS Roma and Juventus (1-2), where the same Brio was also match-winner in the final minutes ;-)