Wednesday, July 4, 2018

World Cup Diary-part 38-July 4th, 2018 (Day 21)


Team News:

-Diego Maradona has stated that Colombia were robbed in their match vs. England yesterday. According to him, Harry Kane’s penalty kick should not have been awarded. (Source BBC Football online)

- New Father Fabian Delph is on his way to join his England teammates in Russia.  (Source Sky Sports Online)

-Colombia Manager Jose Pekerman accused the English players of diving in their match yesterday . (Source Sky Sports online)

-The entire French squad with the exception of Benjamin Mnedy were able to train today. (Source L’Equipe com)

-As much as ten Belgian players missed training today, these included Hazard, Mertens, Lukaku, Witsel, Meunier, Vertonghen, alderweireld, Carrasco, Kompany and Januzaj. (Source L’Equipe com)

-Colombia’ Radamel falcao has called into question the refereeing in their match vs. England. Most notably the choice of American Referee Mark Geiger whom he claims favored England and that he only spoke English on the field. (Source online)

-For the first time since arriving in Russia, Brazil Manager Tite has all his players at his disposal .  (Source online)

-Sweden Captain Andreas Granqvist stated that he would not miss the match vs. England even if it meant he would not be present for the birth of child (his wife is due to give birth in days). (Source Daily Telegraph online)

-Former Argentina defender Oscar Ruggeri threatened to walk off a Television Show when the Spanish Pep Guardiola was mentioned as one of the prospective choices. Ruggeri said ‘why doesn’t he coach Spain?…we have coaches in Argentina…so why Guardiola?’. (Source online)

-Brazil's Paulinho did not train today to recuperate. (Source L’Equipe com)

-Colombia's Carlos Sanchez and Carlos Bacca have been receiving death threats after both missing their penalty kick attempts vs. England. (Source L’Equipe com)

- Former Brazil stars Ronaldo and Rivaldo have come to the defense of Neymar who has been under criticism for his theatrics. Ronaldo called the criticisms as 'nonsense.  (Source Sky Sports Online)

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