Thursday, July 5, 2018

World Cup Diary-part 39-July 5th, 2018 (Day 22)


Team News:

-England’s John Stones has called Colombia, ‘the dirtiest team’ that he has played against. He called into question their language, violence on the field as well as discreetly trying to damage the penalty spot before Harry Kane was to take hic kick. (Source Online)

-Benjamin Mendy missed France training today due to injury.  (Source L’Equipe online)

-Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku stated that Neymar is ‘no actor’ and ‘has more qualities than anyone else’’ . (Source Sport Bild online)

-Costa Rica Manager Oscar Ramirez is to leave his post as his contract will not be renewed. (Source L’Equipe Online)
-FIFA stated that they ‘strongly rebuke’ Diego Maradona’s criticism of American Referee Mark Geiger for his handling of the England-Colombia match. (Source Sky Sports online)

-Diego Maradona has apologized to FIFA for his recent accusations concerning the England-Cololmbia match. He said that some of his comments were ‘unacceptbale’.  (Source BBC Football online)

-Japan Manager Akira Nishino is to leave his post. The Japanese Federation announced that they will be looking for a new Manager. (Source L’Equipe Online)
-Edinson Cavani participated in Uruguay’s trioning session today. (Source L’Equipe Online)

-Miranda will be Brazil’s Captain in their match vs. Belgium. (Source L’Equipe Online)

-Thanks to Twitter, Belgium Substitute goalkeeper Simon Mignolet tracked down a fan in the stands (from their match vs. Japan) that was holding a sign asking foe his jersey. The fan had traveled from Krghyzistan. He met up with the fan and gave him a jesrey . (Source L’Equipe online)