Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cartoons and Diagrams, Part Two

Cartoon I:


Photo From: France Football, Issue 2012, October 30, 1984

Explanation: This cartoon shows Mark Hateley and Diego Maradona dueling before a Napoli and AC Milan match on October 21, 1984. The match itself ended scoreless.
(Originally published in La Gazzetta dello Sport on October 21, 1984)

Cartoon II:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2143, May 5, 1987

Explanation: This cartoon references Socrates’ retirement as a player in 1987.
It shows Joao Sayad, Brazil’s Minister of Planning also giving up after the failed Cruzado plan (Economic measure launched by the Brazilian Government in 1986 that turned out to be a failure).
(Published originally in O Povo magazine)

Cartoon III:

Photo From: World Soccer, May 1976

Explanation: This cartoon references England manager Don Revie’s inability to come up with a consistent tactical formation. The cartoon shows previous England Managers Walter Winterbottom (WM Formation) and Alf Ramsey with many tactical variations. However, for Don Revie there is a big question mark as far as his tactics.

Cartoon IV:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 1658, January 17, 1978
(Drawn by Dero)

Explanation: This cartoon references France’s 1978 World Cup group opponents Argentina, Italy and Hungary looking over at France Manager Michel Hidalgo symbolized as France’s national symbol , the chicken.

Cartoon V:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2066, November 12, 1985
(Drawn by Dero)

Explanation: This cartoon references Michel Platini trying out a Mexican sombrero with the prospect of qualification in sight, however, there is a bomb referencing Yugoslavia next to him.
This was prior to the World Cup Qualifier vs. Yugoslavia on November 16, 1985. Platini scored both of France’s goals to qualify for the Mexican World Cup.

Cartoon VI:

Photo From: France Football, Issue 2309, July 10, 1990

Explanation: Diagrams of the goals in the first round of 1990 World Cup for Group B, containing Argentina, Romania, USSR and Cameroon.

For clearer view see:

Cartoon VII:

Photo From: Placar, Issue 15, June 26, 1970

Explanation: This shows Brazil’s Tostao starring in his two goal scoring performance vs. Peru during the 1970 World cup (June 14, 1970, World cup, Brazil 4-Peru 2)

For clearer view see:

Cartoon VIII:

Photo From:  Placar, Issue 15, June 26, 1970

Explanation: This cartoon shows a matchup between Brazil’s 1970 squad vs. Uruguay’s 1950 squad.

For clearer view see:

Cartoon IX:

Photo From: Start1988_june 06_№24

Explanation: A portrait of Thomas Berthold

Cartoon X:

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 35, February 1983

Explanation: A portrait of Oleg Blokhin

Cartoon XI:

Photo From: 90 minutes, March 26, 1994
(By Nick Davies)

Explanation: This references Dutchman Ronald Koeman’s role in the October 13th, 1993, World cup Qualifier in eliminating Graham Taylor’s England.
In the match Koeman fouled David Platt , as the last man (an offense for which he should have been sent off) and then minutes later scored Holland’s First goal from a free kick much to the dismay of Graham taylor

Cartoon XII:

Photo From: Don Balon, Issue 140, June 13, 1978

Explanation: This references Scotland’s Willie Johnston’s faield drug test during the 1978 World Cup

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