Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Addition: Mysteries, Legends and Conspiracy Theories, Part one

A new addition about events that over the years have led to speculation without any clear cut answer

1- Luisito Monti –The 1930 World Cup Final display
There has been much speculation over the decades about Argentina International and hard-man Luis Felipe ‘Luisito’ Monti’s poor display in the Final of the First World Cup (July 30, 1930, World Cup, Uruguay 4-Argentina 2).
By his standards and in comparison with the previous matches in the World Cup itself, he appeared to have a quiet game.
The one theory speculated is that his life was threatened and as a result he played below standard.

Photo From: IFFHS-Argentina (1902-1940)-Uruguay (1902-1940)
(Luisito Monti just prior the Final match , July 30, 1930, World Cup, Uruguay 4-Argentina 2)

2- Johann Cruyff and 1978 World Cup exclusion
Johann Cruyff’s self exclusion from the 1978 World Cup in Argentina has led to many theories over the years.
One theory is that he was threatened with kidnapping. The other often used theory was his opposition to the General Videla Regime.

Photo From: Mondial, old series, Issue 13, February 1978
(Johann Cruyff)

3- The 1954 World Cup Champions and suspicions of doping
The surprising 1954 West German triumph over the seemingly unbeatable Hungarians has often baffled observers.
This has led to the theory that perhaps the Germans had been doped.
One reason this theory has taken hold was the fact that many of the German players showed symptoms of jaundice a few months after.
The fact that they lost their next 3 matches may have reinforced this, as they lost successively to Belgium (0-2), France (1-3 at home) and England (1-3).
Another story is that Hungary captain Ferenc Puskas went ot the Germans’ dressing room and claimed to have seen syringes.

Photo From: World Soccer, June 1969
(West Germany squad, July 4, 1954, World cup, West Germany 3-Hungary 2 )

4- The 1990 Brazil and Argentina World Cup match
During the 1990 World Cup, (June 24th), Argentina defeated Brazil (1-0) in a match that Brazil completely dominated but just could not score.
Argentina scored in one of their rare chances by Caniggia on a breakaway.
Over a decade later, Brazil defender Branco said that during one of the breaks,  he asked some water from the Argentine physio. Branco claimed that the water tasted strange and he believes it may have been ‘drugged’.

Photo From: El Grafico, Historia de la Seleccion Argentina, 1986-1991
(Claudio Caniggia scoring Argentina’s winner, June 24, 1990, World Cup, Argentina 1-Brazil 0)
5- Helmuth Ducadam and Steaua Bucharest 1986
Steaua Bucharest goalkeeper Helmut Ducadum was the hero of Romania following his display during the 1986 Champions Cup match vs Barcelona where he saved all four of Barcelona’s penalty kicks during the shoot-out.
However, by the start of the following season he was suddenly out of the picture and injured.
The reason given was a blood disorder. Over the years there were stories that his arms were broken and he was blacklisted because he would not toe the political line (Ceaucesu days remember).

It is unclear if these rumours are true or not.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 126, June 1986
(Helmuth Ducadam, May 7, 1986, Champions Cup, Steaua Bucharest 0-Barcelona 0)

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