Monday, May 25, 2015

Football’s Quarrels and Feuds, Part Eight

1- Junior and Gigi Radice, 1986/87
During the 1986/87, Torino’s Brazilian star Junior had a feud with Manager Gigi Radice. He was fined by management after he insulted Radice in Newspapers by suggesting he needed to see a psychiatrist.

Photo From: Guerin Sportivo, December 15, 1984-January 8, 1985
(Junior at Torino, 1984/85)

Photo From: World Soccer, October 1993
(Luigi Radice)

2- George Weah and Artur Jorge, 1992/94
It was common knowledge that Paris St. Germain’s Liberian striker did not get along with Portuguese Manager Arthur Jorge.
Jorge would publically accuse Weah of being inconsistent. Weah for his part, took offense that he was being humiliated in public.

Photo From: World Soccer, January 1993
(George Weah at Paris St. Germain)

Photo From: Mondial, new series, Issue 90, September 1987
(Artur Jorge)

3- Jesus Gil and Jose Maria Caneda, 1996
Controversial Atletico Madrid President Jesus Gil punched his counterpart of Compostela in a meeting of Club Presidents in early 1996. Caneda had stated that the citizens of Marbella were stupid to have elected Gil as their mayor.

Photo From: Goal, May 1996
(Jesus Gil punching)

4- Bebeto and Paulo Roberto Falcao, 1991
On July 3, 1991, Brazil striker Bebeto angrily walked out of Brazil’s Copa America squad since he would not be a guaranteed starter.
He declared he would not play for Brazil with Falcao as coach.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 146, February 1988

Photo From: World Soccer, July 1991
(Paulo Roberto Falcao)

5- Phil Neal and Liverpool FC, 1986
Almost a year after he was transferred out of Liverpool, former long serving defender Phil Neal published an autobiography in which he attacked Liverpool.
He accused them of having promised him a job in Management that they did not deliver. He went on to accuse them of signing players just so that rival clubs would not. He also attacked former players such as Emlyn Hughes.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 62, May 1985
(Phil Neal)

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