Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Soccer Books, Part Thirteen- Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic National teams

The best books about the History of the Czech  National Team.

These are the books that I have chosen:

Book I
‘se Lvickem na prsou’
Author: Oldrich Bartunek, J.iri Kalat
Published in 1999.
Written Language: Czech

This book is the absolute best book about the Czech national team with full lineups.
Each match has a write up and description and virtually every match has the team photo.

‘se Lvickem na prsou’ Cover

Book II
‘Slavne Nohy’
Author: Jaroslav Salek, Zdenek Salek
Published in 2002.
Written Language: Czech

Pocket sized book that has the lineups of every Czech National team lineup with players club info plus a directory of all the players. Some Photographs.

‘Slavne Nohy’ Cover

Book III
‘The International Matches of Czechoslovakia’
Author:  Dave Clayton and Jan Buitenga
Published in 1990.
Written Language: English

Statistical book, part of Clayton and Buitenga series on national teams,  that contains every lineup of Czechsolovakia year by year. No photographs.

‘The International Matches of Czechoslovakia’ Cover

If any one knows of other books pertaining to this topic, please do not hesitate to leave a post.

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