Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trivia and Facts-Part 38

1- Eighteen year old Wolfgang Boehni played his first match in the Bundesliga on December 21, 1966 with Karlsruhe vs Duisburg.
He had to wait 16 years, 8 months and  2 days for his second match. This time with Waldorf Mannheim vs. Stuttgart on August 23, 1983.

2-For France’s match vs. Northern Ireland on November 11, 1952 at Paris’s Stade de Colombes (3-1 France win), France made a substitution that was against the regulations of the time (or anytime).
France’s Thadée Cisowski was injured in the 22nd minute and replaced be Jean Baratte. A few minutes later teammate Antoine Bonifaci was also injured and had to leave the field. Given the regulations of the time, France could not make a substitution and had to play with ten men.  Specifically an already replaced player could not re-enter.
However, in the 31st minute, Cisowski re-entered into the match to replace ‘himself’. The referee did not notice as play was not stopped to make the substitution, nor did the Irish.
In fact the Irish only protested the fact that Jean Baratte’s jersey did not have a number.

Photo From: Les Bleus Author Denis Chaumier, 2004
(Thadée Cisowski)

3- Prior to the opening match of the 1982 World Cup between Belgium and Argentina on June 13, 1982 (1-0 Belgium win), Belgium’s Ludo Coeck realized in the dressing room that he had forgotten his playing boots back in their hotel.
He had to go back to the hotel with police escort to retrieve his boots and play.

Photo From: Onze, Hors Serie 14, 1982
(Ludo Coeck and Imre Garaba, June 22, 1982, World Cup, Belgium 1-Hungary 1)

4- In the fall of 1983, Rolando Molina of the Chilean Federation caused a scandal when he decided to hold onto the bonuses of the national team players following their elimination in the Copa America after a scoreless tie vs. Venezuela on September 21, 1983.
The players had earned their bonuses after wins vs. Venezuela (September 8, 1983, 5-0 win) and Uruguay (September 11, 1983, 2-0 win).
Rolando Molina felt all the players except goalkeeper Roberto Antonio Rojas had played indifferently.
Needless to say, this action caused an uproar and appeals had to be made for organisms outside of football.

5- During the World Cup match between Brazil and England on June 10, 1962,  play was held up when a black dog ran onto the field.
The dog was eventually caught by England’s Jimmy Greaves and was taken off.

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 30, July 1962
(Garrincha and Jimmy Greaves with the dog, June 10, 1962, World Cup, Brazil 3-England 1)

Photo From: Football Magazine, Issue 30, July 1962
(England goalkeeper Ronald Springett with the dog, June 10, 1962, World Cup, Brazil 3-England 1)


  1. The reason for Boehni's gap is that after the 1966/67 season, he played lower level football until signing for Waldhof Mannheim in 1974/75, when they were in the 2nd Division. He was still playing for them when they were promoted to the Bundesliga in 1983/84. He played in 8 games and scored 1 goal before retiring from all football at the end of the season.