Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Events and Consequences, Part Twelve

1- Event:
Basile Boli’s collision with teammate Marc Delaroche on September 12, 1995 (UEFA Cup, AS Monaco 0-Leeds United 3)

During AS Monaco’s UEFA Cup clash at home on September 12, 1995, Basile Boli and goalkeeper Marc Delaroche were involved in a collision that led to Anthony Yeboah’s third goal in the 81st minute.
Boli’s head injury more or less signaled the end of his career, as he was never the same player again.
He left Monaco within 6 months of the incident and transferred to the Japanese League and joined Urawa Red Diamonds.
He retired in early 1998, citing problems from that head injury that hampered his career.

Photo From: Mondial, new series, issue 79, October 1986
(Basile Boli)

2- Event:
Barcelona and Spanish striker Enrique Castro ‘Quini’ being kindnapped during the 1980/81 season.

Barcelona seemed to be headed to winning the League title, when Quini was kidnapped on March 1, 1981, after Barcelona’s 6-0 home win vs. Hercules Alicante.
Though he was later released unharmed, the psychological effect on his teammates derailed their campaign.
They lost many key matches after his kidnapping and lost out on the title.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 65, May 1981

3- Event:
Denmark’s Jan Heintze leaving the team headquarters without the Manager’s knowledge prior to a EC Qualfier due on May 1, 1991.

PSV Eindhoven defender Jan Heintze was selected for national team duty for a EC Qualifier vs. Yugoslavia at Belgrade on May 1, 1991. His club had originally hoped he would stay for club commitments. Once he arrived at the national team camp, he was informed by national team manager Richard Moeller-Nielsen that he would not be starting. As a result he decided to go back to Eindhoven and help out his club without informing the manager.
When he returned to Holland, he learned he was ineligible since they assumed he would be with National team.
Because he had left the squad without informing, he was banned from the national team for one year.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 149, May 1988
(Jan Heintze with PSV Eindhoven, 1987/88)

4- Event:
France’s Andre Cheuva’s marriage in 1930.

France’s Andre Cheuva was due to be selected for France’s 1930 World Cup Finals squad and his employers had given him 5 weeks of vacation.
However, his fiancée with whom he was about to marry as well during this time, would not meet similar demands.
As a result he declined particiaption on the World Cup in Uruguay to stay and marry.

5- Event:
Sepp Maier’s car accident on July 14, 1979

On July 14, 1979,  West German goalkeeper Sepp Maier headed home after a friendly match with Bayern Munich vs. Ulm. At around 10 PM, in a rainy night near Anzing, to avoid a car from the opposite direction, he lost control and was rear ended by another car.
The accident left him in a coma for several days with and with many injuries, most notably a fractured right arm.
After a few months and examinations, the specialists informed Maier that he could no longer play the game competitively. He was forced to retire aged 36.

Photo From: Onze, Issue 49, January 1980
(Sepp Maier)

Photo From: But, Issue 8942, July 31, 1979
(Sepp Maier’s car after accident)

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